After only a few steps across the yard one’s attention is directed towards someone to pair off with in the double line. The door of an old elementary school opens with a due creak as enthusiastic voices echo in the hallway. This is the office of PAVE Architects – the place where all the miracle happens.

The walk along the corridor is accompanied by occasional bursts of laughter and the focused buzz of efficient teamwork. A sense of serious hands-on attitude tangible in classrooms; people are writing, drawing, presenting and further improving their ideas. The atmosphere is just right for the school bell to go off to signal recess. However, it is seldom used and hardly capable to break this kind of intense concentration.

These pupils have completed studies that go well beyond compulsory education, also have they fine-tuned their skills in practise. Their capabilities have been noticed and rewarded. Yet, the will to learn more and further improve the level of knowledge still runs strong. That is why attention is paid, ideas shared, teamwork applied and common efforts made to reach ever higher levels of expertise.

PAVE Arkkitehdit PAVE Architects

A stroll along the riverbank is a great way to unwind for a moment. Batteries can be recharged over delicious lunch that is – obviously – served in the old dining room, or by activating muscles with the equipment from the old gymnasium. A steady energy level is required to ensure that yet another detail to further fulfil the client’s wishes can be cleverly implemented in the plan.

A lot has been done, a lot has been achieved. At the end of the day, a slight glimpse of an idea is still blinking in the shadows of subconscious. No more fuel in the tank to dig it up and polish though. That’s how you can tell the day has been efficient. A perfect setting for tomorrow’s work.

Another day at the office.


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